How I fixed the iPad Case and Dock compatibility issue with scissors

It seems while Apple’s best designers were designing the iPad, their not-as-good ones were designing the iPad’s case.

Problem: When the iPad is in its protective case, it doesn’t dock properly. And the case fits your iPad super tightly, so there’s no way that you will remove it every time you need to charge it.

Solution: take your scissors and cut off a 73mm x 30mm rectangle off your case. The 73mm should be centred with the dock connector. The 30mm is measured from the the edge. On the bottom part, just cut following the existing opening as straight as you can.

Think three times, measure twice and cut once. Don’t do it unless you’re 100% confident that you can succeed. I’m not responsible if you accidentally or intentionally damage your phone, your case, your scissors, your dock, your hands, etc. Obviously, you can’t bring the case back for a refund once you do that!

If you found this useful, please encourage me by using this link to make your next iTunes purchase!

Good luck and enjoy your pad!

Back view

The superfluous material

The superfluous material

Fits like a glove



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  1. Worked pretty good. An exacto knife would be better and I was able to cut 25mm deep and get a good result.

    • Gary
    • April 7th, 2010

    Was wondering if you just cut the sides and at a 45 angle, leaving a flap would that work? The 45 degree cut would act to keep the flap in place when not docked.

  2. Thank you so much for this! I didn’t suspect Apple to have made such a blind mistake, and this allowed me to fix this very easily. Took less than 5 minutes. It isn’t very pretty, but it is definitely functional. =D

  3. OMG I just did it!!!

    well … let’s not get too excited here, it’s just a piece of neoprene after all. But thanks anyways for the measures. ;)

    • Alex
    • January 31st, 2011


    Many thanks for this. I had the same problem and have actually improved the solution a little bit:

    I cut away 73mm from the bottom only. I then found out that within the case, there is a small thick extra line of case on the bottom inside (of the case) just along where the (old and incompatible) dock connector used to be. If you remove this small line of extra thickness (it is glueed to the inside of the case and can be removed easily) it is easier to fit the ipad/case in the dock. No need to remove 30mm from the backside of your case. You will need to wiggle a little bit (be careful not to break the dock) but it works for me.

    Your milage may vary; but I am happy.

    Again thanks for this maybe this helps others even further.

    Have a nice day.


    • Peblin
    • June 14th, 2011

    Tried Alex’ solution, works perfectly for me. The iPad didn’t get any connection until I removed the little “line of extra thickness”.

    Thanks guys!