Crossword Dictionary Online Edition is a versatile Dictionary and Thesaurus that's designed to help you solve crossword puzzles. Its powerful search engine lets you browse words that fit the spot you want to fill in your grid.

Beyond a great tool for helping you solve the Sunday grid, It's also a complete and very exhaustive dictionary containing regional variants of many words: color, coulour, flavor, flavour, tire, tyre, etc.

Need a six letter word that ends with a "G" ? Just type in ".....G", tap a button and the search engine will list every word that matches.

The dictionary contains over 83000 terms, over 87000 definitions and 25000 thesaurus entries.

Crossword Dictionary Online Edition is a leaner, more accessible version of Crossword Dictionary. If you need to have access to the definitions even when an Internet connection isn't available, get the 100% standalone Crossword Dictionary instead.


  • Fixed length word search with wildcard character for crossword puzzles
  • Simple, user-friendly interface
  • Complete dictionary:
    • Over 83000 terms
    • Over 87000 definitions and 25000 thesaurus entries
    • Geographical data: countries, cities, etc.
    • Historic figures
    • Regionalized variants of each word. → FAQ
    • etc.


  • English


  • Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch
  • Requires iPhone 2.0 Software Update